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More awareness in everyday life

More awareness in everyday life
The schedule is full, you are stressed and you hardly have time to take a deep breath? Many of us feel like this! In the following post we will tell you how you can best counteract the stress of everyday life.

Buddhism as the fundament for mindfulness

In a healthy body dwells a healthy mind, which can bring you to balance and well-being. This is best achieved with mindfulness, i.e. consciously perceiving and accepting both the inner and the outer. Being mindful means to perceive yourself and to discard old habits and patterns of behaviour and to reflect yourself more. Listening to the body when it needs a break and to the mind when it has to deal with stress. This way you feel strengthened and have more energy! You ask yourself: How can you learn mindfulness? It is important to stop the daily flood of information, to feel your sensory perceptions more and above all to interrupt conscious, negative routines. With these exercises, you can manage to go more relaxed through your everyday life in order to become more resistant to stress.

You can also support yourself and your spirit with the power of our Tree of Life symbols. The beautiful jewellery pieces with Tree of Life motifs consist of heart, dove, tree, elephant, Buddha and peace, which all carry a stunning meaning. The heart of course stands for pure love, which helps you to see the good in every person and to accept them as they are. The elephant stands for strength, the dove for peace, the peace sign for harmony and the Buddha for balance. The tree also called the tree of life, which is depicted in some of our Engelsrufer jewellery, gives you blessings. The wonderful symbols can be found in earrings, bracelets, necklaces and watches.

Especially the Buddha, who provides balance and thus supports you to come closer to the goal of mindfulness. The Buddha achieves purity and perfection through his boundless development and wisdom.

Engelsrufer Tree of Life

Mindfulness with yourself

These pieces of jewellery are great everyday memories to give you a thought-provoking impulse to think more about yourself again. If you are careful with yourself, but of course also with your environment, you will be happier in the long run. Going through life carefully and perceiving everything around you fills you with joy and reduces stress.

Here you will find the great Tree of Life and Flower of Life jewellery that will remind you to be aware!